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无锡市疫情防控第113号通告 No.113 Notice on Epidemic Prevention and Control

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  No. 113 Notice on Epidemic Prevention and Control

  On the morning of April 25, an abnormal result was found in a 20-in-1 mixed routine nucleic acid testing on Wenjing Campus of Tianyi Experimental School in Anzhen Sub-district. After single-tube testing for relevant individuals, one of them was tested positive and the others were negative. The emergency response mechanism was quickly reactivated to implement measures regarding management and control, as well as isolation and tracing. In order to protect the public’s health and safety and effectively prevent the spreading of the Covid-19, further measures are hereby introduced:

  I. According to the decision by the municipal expert group, the following areas are now designated as lockdown areas: Wenjing Campus of Tianyi Experimental School and Block 17, Jinghu Meiyuan, No. 399, Hongye East Road, Anzhen Sub-district, Xishan District. Residents in the area must strictly comply with the requirements for the lockdown and home isolation, but door-to-door services will be provided for those in need during the home isolation. 

  II. Anzhen Sub-district of Xishan District is now designated as the controlled area, and relevant requirements are as follows:

  1. Local residents can’t leave the area and gather together. Each day, only one person in one household is allowed to go out to buy daily necessities with the compound pass, and the going out shall not exceed 2 hours;

  2. All businesses are required to suspend operation in the area except for supermarkets, farmers’ markets, medical institutions, pharmacies, and catering companies (only providing takeaway services) that are necessary for daily life; For those still in operation, it is important to strictly implement Covid-19 prevention and control measures such as taking temperature, wearing masks, scanning the “doorbell code”, avoid gathering, and sanitize the environment;

  3. Groups such as public utilities workers, medical and health workers, police can enter and exit the controlled area with a negative nucleic acid testing proof within 48 hours and an "epidemic prevention and control emergency pass" issued by a competent department.

  III. From April 25, three rounds of district-wide nucleic acid testing will be launched. Meanwhile, several rounds of nucleic acid testing will be carried out in Anzhen Sub-district, the controlled area. Residents shall readily go to the nearest sampling sites for nucleic acid testing. During the sampling process, please wear masks and keep a safe distance. For those who evade the testing or refuse to take it, their “Jiangsu Health Code” will turn yellow, and their "doorbell code" will turn red for warning. Any one who cause the spreading of the Covid-19 shall be held accountable according to laws and regulations.

  IV. Starting from April 26, a nucleic acid testing campaign will be launched in the city for teachers, students and working staff in all primary and secondary schools (including secondary vocational schools and technical schools) as well as kindergartens. Meantime, relevant requirements for the nucleic acid testing in the schools are subject to changes in accordance with the current needs of Covid-19 prevention and control. Please take the testing in an orderly manner within the specified time in accordance with the arrangements set out in the schools’ notices.

  V. “Jiangsu Health Code” will turn yellow for the residents who have been recognized as contacts of the confirmed case either in time or space after April 19, and these people shall readily complete the nucleic acid testing for 3 times in 3 days as required. During the going out process for the testing, please wear masks all the time, and don’t take public transportation, go to places where people gather, or participate in gathering activities.

  Local authorities, government departments, employers and individuals shall step up to their responsibilities and strictly implement Covid-19 prevention and control measures. Party committees and governments at all levels shall strictly fulfill their territorial responsibilities and enhance supervision and management; the competent departments of all industries shall earnestly shoulder their respective supervision and management responsibilities, and strengthen daily guidance; enterprises and public institutions shall strictly shoulder their main responsibilities and ensure the implementation of appropriate measures. We call on all citizens not to believe in rumors or spread rumors. It is important to earnestly shoulder self-management responsibilities, obey the rules and comply with the management for Covid-19 prevention and control. Those who violate the Covid-19 prevention and control regulations shall be held accountable according to laws and regulations.

  Wuxi Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention

  and Control Headquarters

  April 25, 2022

  Appendix: Contact numbers of Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of cities (county-level) and districts under the administration of Wuxi

  Appendix: List of medical institutions of 24-hour Nucleic Acid Testing Sites in Wuxi 

  Appendix: List of medical institutions of Wuxi opening fever clinics


















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