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无锡市疫情防控第148号公告(English, Japanese and Korean)

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  No.148 Notice on Epidemic Prevention and Control

  As of 1:00, July 15, the 16th round of city-wide nucleic acid testing has been completed. A total of 5.3994 million people were sampled and tested negative, and all the persons under centralized quarantine were also sampled and tested negative. The city recorded no Covid-19 cases in either communities or quarantine sites.

  In light of current situation of Covid-19 in Wuxi, professional analysis of the expert panel, and the regulations of The Prevention and Control Plan for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (Ninth Edition), it is decided to adjust the risk level of relevant areas of the city as follows:

  From high-risk to medium-risk area:   

  Huihua New Village, Shanbei Sub-district, Liangxi District

  From medium-risk area to low-risk area:

  Liangxi District: East China Trade Center in Guangyi Sub-district; Sheng'an No. 1 Village, No. 6-174  of Sheng'an No. 2 Village and Huishenglu Community in Huishan Sub-district; Qiansheng'an, Tiantuli and Sheng'anli in Huangxiang Sub-district;

  Xishan District: District B and D of Chunlei Garden, Yunlin Sub-district; Longting New Garden, Dongting Sub-district;

  Huishan District: West District of Sunshine 100 International New Town and Mia Mansion in Yanqiao Sub-district

  All localities shall strictly implement requirements issued by the Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of Wuxi, take epidemic response measures in high- and medium-risk areas and avoid a one-size-fits-all approach in accordance with the regulations of The Prevention and Control Plan for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (Ninth Edition). Control measures of “keeping indoors and picking up daily necessities by door-to-door services” are implemented in high-risk areas, and management measures of “keeping inside the residential compounds and picking up daily necessities at staggered hours” are required in medium-risk areas. Efforts should be made to further strengthen management of medium- and high-risk areas, ensure supply of daily necessities, meet medical needs of persons in quarantine sites and lockdown areas, and help groups in need solve practical difficulties.

  All entities and places such as sub-districts (towns), communities (villages), enterprises and institutions, "the coach station, the railway station and the airport", and hotels should carry out nucleic acid screening, make regular information registration and reporting for Wuxi-bound travelers from medium- and high-risk areas outside Wuxi, and urge relevant persons to report their health conditions in a timely manner and exercise health management.

  Medical institutions and retail pharmacies at various levels should give full play to the role of “sentinels” for epidemic monitoring, and further strengthen standardized management of fever clinics. Medical institutions should carry out pre-examination and triage, put in place the system of attending in charge and ensure quick test result.Retail pharmacies should keep a record of customers who buy febrifuge, cough medicine, antivirals and antibiotics based on a real-name registration rule and report relevant information to competent government departments.  

  Everyone of us in the city should shoulder our corresponding responsibilities. CPC committees and governments at all levels should strictly shoulder their territorial responsibilities and beef up effort in supervision and management; the competent departments of all industries should earnestly shoulder their respective supervision and management responsibilities and strengthen guidance to those industries; public institutions and enterprises should strictly shoulder their primary responsibilities and see to the implementation of the response measures. All citizens shall perform the duty of epidemic prevention and control and cooperate with relevant response measures. Those who fail to comply with the regulations shall be held accountable accordingly.

  Our gains in epidemic response do not come easily. Let us stay firm to further strengthen our efforts in building a strong defense against the epidemic with greater confidence!

  Wuxi Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention

  and Control Headquarters

  July15, 2022

  Appendix: Contact numbers of Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of cities (county-level) and districts under the administration of Wuxi

  Appendix: List of medical institutions of 24-hour Nucleic Acid Testing Sites in Wuxi 

  Appendix: List of medical institutions of Wuxi opening fever clinics
















  우시시 코로나19 예방통제 

  제148호 통고

  7월 15일 1시까지, 우시시는 제16회 전체 시민 핵산검사를 완성하였고 총 539.94만명의 샘플을 채취하였으며 검사결과는 전부 음성이고 집중 격리 관리통제 인원의 핵산 검사결과도 전부 음성으로, 사회적 측면과 격리시설 모두 ‘코로나 제로’를 실현하였습니다.  

  현재 우시시의 코로나19 예방통제 형세와 전문가의 분석 및 판단에 의거하여, <코로나19 예방통제 방안(제9판)>의 관련 규정에 근거하여 우시시 일부 구역의 코로나19 위험 등급을 아래와 같이 조정합니다. 즉, 량시구 산베이가도 후이화신촌을 고위험 구역에서 중위험 구역으로 조정하고, 량시구 광이가도 화둥상업무역성, 후이산가도 성안1촌, 성안2촌 6-174호, 후이성로 아파트단지, 황샹가도 첸성안, 텐투리, 성안리, 후이산구 윈린가도 춘레이위안 B구, D구, 둥팅가도 룽팅신위안, 후이산구 옌챠오가도 양광100국제신성 서구, 미야공관을 중위험 구역에서 저위험구역으로 조정하였습니다.

  각 지는 계속하여 예방통제지휘부의 각 업무요구를 엄격히 실행하고, <코로나19 예방통제 방안(제9판)>에 따라 고위험 구역과 중위험 구역의 관리통제 조치를 실시하며, 요구사항을 추가해서는 아니됩니다. 고위험 구역은 ‘집 밖으로 외출금지,방문 서비스 제공’을 엄격하게 실행하고, 중위험 구역은 ‘구 밖으로 외출금지, 러시아워를 피해 물품 수령’을 엄격하게 실행하여 주시기 바랍니다. 또한 중/고 위험 구역의 관리책임을 진일보 강화하여 생활 필수품 공급 보장을 강화하고 군중들의 의료 수요를 만족하며, 곤란한 계층의 실제 곤란을 해결하여 도시의 온도를 구현하여 주시기 바랍니다.  

  각 가도(진), 커뮤니티(촌), 기업과 사업단위, 기차역, 시외버스역,  공항, 호텔, 여관 등은 코로나19 발생 지역에서 우시 방문(복귀)한 인원에 대한 주동적 조사, 정보등기 및 보고를 강화하고, 요구에 따라 관련 인원이 주동적 신고 및 건강관리를 할 것을 독촉하여 주시기 바랍니다.

  각 급 의료기관과 소매 약점은 코로나19 모니터링의 ‘초소’ 역할을 충분히 발휘하여 열증 진찰실 규범화 관리를 진일보 강화하고, 의료기관은 예진분류, 일차 진찰 책임과 핵산검사결과 즉시 제시 등 예방통제 조치를 엄격하게 실시하며, 약점은 ‘4개 부류’ 약품을 구입하는 인원에 대해 실명 등기와 정보 신고를 엄격하게 실행하여 주시기 바랍니다.

  우시시 모든 기관, 기업 및 시민들은 자체 책임을 진일보 강화하고 각 급 당위원회와 정부는 소속지 책임을 엄격하게 실행하여 검사 독촉을 강화함으로써 담당 업무를 확실히 책임지기 바랍니다. 업계 주관부문은 감독관리 책임을 엄격하게 이행하고 관리 지도를 강화하여 예방통제 사각지대가 없음을 확보하고, 기업과 사업단위는 자체 관리 책임을 엄격히 실행하고 건전한 관리제도를 구축함으로써 예방통제 조치의 확실한 실행을 확보하여 주기 바랍니다. 시민 여러분은 자기관리 책임을 이행하고 방역의식을 강화하고 방역규정을 준수하며 방역 요구사항에 주동적으로 협조하여 주시기 바랍니다. 코로나19 예방통제 규정을 위반한 경우 법과 규정에 따라 법적책임을 추궁할 것입니다.

  지금의 예방통제 성과는 어렵게 취득하였습니다. 우시 전체 시민은 신심을 굳게 다지고 계속하여 힘을 모아 코로나19 예방통제의 튼튼한 장벽을 함께 구축합시다!



  연합예방통제 지휘부

  2022년 7월 15일


  첨부: 각 시(현)구 코로나19 예방통제 지휘부 연락처

  첨부: 우시시 24시간 핵산검사 의료기관 정보

  첨부: 우시시 열증 진찰실 개설 의료기관 명단











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