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无锡市疫情防控第147号公告(English, Japanese and Korean)

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  No.147 Notice on Epidemic Prevention and Control

  As of 8:00, July 14, the 15th round of city-wide mass nucleic acid testing has been completed. A total of 5.5891 million people were sampled and tested negative. 6 districts of Wuxi have reported no newly added community infections for 6 consecutive days.

  From 00:00 to 24:00 of July 13, Wuxi reported 1 confirmed case (asymptomatic before) and 4 asymptomatic infections. All of them were identified in the designated quarantine site and transferred to designated hospitals for quarantine and treatment. Control measures have been implemented in key areas including residences, workplaces, and stopovers of the above-mentioned cases.

  In light of the current situation of Covid-19 in Wuxi, the professional analysis of the expert panel, and the regulations of The Prevention and Control Plan for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (Ninth Edition), it is decided to adjust the risk level of relevant areas of the city as follows:

  From high-risk to medium-risk area:

  Liangxi District: Zaochuan 2nd Village in Huishan Sub-district, Wuxi Anorectal Hospital, surrounding area of Sheng’an market in Shanbei Sub-district (east to Huifeng Road, south to Huiqian Road, west to Shimen Road, north to Sheng'an Road area: Yueshan Garden, Huiluyuan I area, Huiluyuan A, B, C, D, II area, Huifeng New Village, Erquan Garden)

  Xinwu District: community III Meijin Huayuan, No.128 Xixie Road, No.2 Xinjin Road, Wuxi National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, No.19 Changjiang Road in Wangzhuang Sub-district, Lixin Community and its surrounding areas in Shuofang Sub-district ( north to Qiangzhai Road, east to Jingyi Road (National Highway 312), south to Changjiang East Road, west to East Wall of Laifu community-Xinnong Road-Lifujingbang-Tongxi Expressway)

  From medium-risk area to low-risk area:

  Liangxi District: Yangming Garden, C8 Shidai Shangcheng, in Yangming Sub-district, North Xiaomuqiao, Xiyuan in Huishan Sub-district, Yinren Yushu in Guangyi Sub-district

  Xishan District: Guotai Precision Machinery Wuxi Co., Ltd. in Yunlin Sub-district, Xinanyuan III in Anzhen Sub-district

  Huishan District: Jinxiu Commercial Plaza Community in Chang’an Sub-district (Shidai Gongguan)

  Binhu District: Xinfuli(Huarun Yuefu) in Helie Sub-district, Shanshui Huayuan in Xuelang Sub-district

  In light of the professional analysis of the expert panel, dine-in services at catering businesses in Xishan District, Huishan District, Binhu District, and Economic Development Zone fully resumed. All catering units must thoroughly disinfect their business premises, equipment and facilities and dining utensils. It is required to have epidemic prevention supervisor and disinfection staff, and all staff should obtain nucleic acid negative certificates within 48 hours before returning to work. The "doorbell code" and 72-hour negative nucleic acid test report or 24-hour sampling proof of people should be stringently checked, and prevention and control measures should be implemented . For places and businesses that fail to meet the Covid-19 response requirements, resulting in the spread of the epidemic, shall be held accountable.

  The current epidemic prevention and control in Wuxi has achieved remarkable results, but the situation is still complicated. All localities must strictly follow The Prevention and Control Plan for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (Ninth Edition) to implement response measures for high-risk areas and medium-risk areas and are not allowed to adopt other measures or add other contents. Residents in high-risk areas are required to keep indoors and pick up daily necessities by door-to-door services and those in medium-risk areas are required to keep inside the residential compound and pick up daily necessities at staggered hours. All communities (villages) should continue to pay attention to people’s livelihood, medical needs and psychological counseling needs, focusing on addressing needs of groups such as the elderly, the weak, the sick, people with disabilities and the pregnant.

  Enterprises, markets, construction sites and other market entities should strictly shoulder the main responsibilities in accordance with the requirements of "who employs, who manages, and who is responsible", and earnestly collect the information of their employees coming (returning) to Wuxi.Where the implementation of prevention and control measures is not in place or not strict, resulting in negligence in personnel management and causing the spread of the epidemic, the personnel involved will be seriously investigated and punished in accordance with discipline and law.

  Local authorities, government departments, employers and individuals shall fulfill their responsibilities. Party committees and governments at all levels should strictly fulfill their territorial responsibilities, and strengthen supervision and inspection; the competent departments of all industries shall earnestly shoulder their supervision and management responsibilities, and ensure that there’s no space for negligence in Covid-19 response; enterprises and public institutions should strictly shoulder their main responsibilities. Citizens are encouraged to strictly apply self-management, strengthen their awareness of the epidemic prevention, abide by relevant regulations and cooperate with the implementation of various epidemic response measures, so as to jointly built a solid line of defense for joint prevention and control and group prevention and control.

  According to epidemiological survey, information of relevant personnel is as follows:

  Asymptomatic case 401

  Identified in designated quarantine site and transferred to designated hospitals for quarantine and treatment

  Asymptomatic case 402

  Identified in designated quarantine site and transferred to designated hospitals for quarantine and treatment

  Asymptomatic case 403

  Identified in designated quarantine site and transferred to designated hospitals for quarantine and treatment

  Asymptomatic case 404

  Identified in designated quarantine site and transferred to designated hospitals for quarantine and treatment

  The close contacts and secondary close contacts of the above-mentioned cases have been put under management and control, and no place of attention is reported after comparing with the moving routes of the cases and the places released in previous Notices.

  Wuxi Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention

  and Control Headquarters

  July 14, 2022


  Appendix: Contact numbers of Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of cities (county-level) and districts under the administration of Wuxi


  Appendix: List of medical institutions of 24-hour Nucleic Acid Testing Sites in Wuxi 


  Appendix: List of medical institutions of Wuxi opening fever clinics






  本市の感染症予防・抑制の現状を踏まえ、専門家による分析・判断の結果、「新型コロナウイルス肺炎診療ガイドライン(第9版)」の関連規定に基づいて、本市の一部地域に対して感染症のリスクレベルを科学的かつ動態的に調整する。梁溪区惠恵山街道造船二村、無錫医博中医肛泰病院、山北街道盛岸市場の周辺エリア(東が恵峰路、南が恵銭路、西が石门路、北が盛岸路までの区域:阅山花園小区、恵麓苑一期、恵麓苑二期 A 区、B 区、C 区、D 区、恵峰新村、二泉花園小区)、新呉区梅村街道梅荆花苑三社区、錫協路128号、無錫市国家ハイテク産業開発区新錦2号、旺庄街道長江路19号、碩放街道麗新社区及び周辺地域(北が墙宅路、东が経一路(312国道)、南が長江東路、西が麗富社区东囲い-新農路-里夫涇浜-通錫高速まで)を高リスク区域から中リスク区域に、梁溪区揚名街道揚名花園、時代上城C8、恵山街道小木橋北、錫園、広益街道銀仁御墅、錫山区雲林街道国泰精密部品無錫有限公司、安鎮街道鑫安苑三期、惠山区長安街道錦繍商業広場小区(時代公館)、浜湖区河埒街道幸福里(華潤悦府)、雪浪街道山水花苑)を中リスク区域から低リスク区域に調整する。
























  우시시 코로나19 예방통제 

  제147호 통고

  7월 14일 8시까지, 우시시는 제15회 전체 시민 핵산검사를 완성하였고 총 558.91만명의 샘플을 채취하였으며 검사결과는 전부 음성입니다.시내 6개 구는 연속 6일 사회적 측면 양성 감염자가 신규 추가하지 않았습니다.

  7월 13일 0—24시, 우시시에서 현지 확진자 1명(그중 1명은 무증상 감염자에서 확진자로 전환), 무증상 감염자 4명 증가되었습니다. 해당 환자들은 모두 집중 격리시설에서 발견되었으며 지금 우시시 지정 병원으로 운송되어 격리 치료중에 있습니다. 해당 환자들의 거주지와 근무 장소 및 방문했던 장소 전부 통제 조치를 실행했습니다.

  현재 우시시의 코로나19 예방통제 형세와 전문가의 분석 및 판단에 의거하여, <코로나19 예방통제 방안(제9판)>의 관련 규정에 근거하여 우시시 일부 구역의 코로나19 위험 등급을 아래와 같이 조정합니다. 즉, 량시구 후이산가도 차오촨2촌, 우시의박중의강타이병원, 산베이가도 성안시장 주변 구역(동쪽으로 후이펑로까지, 남쪽으로 후이첸로까지, 서쪽으로 스먼로까지, 북쪽으로 성안로 구역까지: 웨산화위안 아파트, 후이루위안 1기, 후이루위안 2기 A구, B구, C구, D구, 후이펑신촌, 얼취안화위안 아파트), 신우구 메이춘가도 메이징화위안 3커뮤니티, 시세로 128호, 우시시국가고신기술산업개발구 신진로 2호, 왕좡가도 창장로 19호, 숴팡가도 리신커뮤니티 및 주변 지역(북쪽으로 챵자이로까지, 동쪽으로 징이로(312국도)까지, 남쪽으로 창장동로까지, 서쪽으로 리푸커뮤니티 동쪽 담벽 – 신눙로 – 리푸징빙 – 퉁시 고속도로까지) 를 고위험 구역에서 중위험 구역으로 조정하고, 량시구 양밍가도 밍양화위안, 스다이상청 C8, 후이산가도 샤오무챠오베이, 시위안, 광이가도 인런위수, 시산구 윈린가도 궈타이정밀기부품우시유한회사, 안진가도 신안위안 3기, 후이산구 창안가도 진슈상업광장 아파트(스다이공관), 빈후구 허레가도 싱푸리(화룬웨푸), 쉐랑가도 산수이화위안을 중위험 구역에서 저위험 구역으로 조정합니다.

  전문가팀의 종합적인 판단을 거쳐 시산구, 후이산구, 빈후구, 경제개발구의 각종 요식업체의 음식점내 취식을 전면적으로 회복할 것입니다. 음식점내 취식을 회복하기 전에 각 단위는 경영장소, 설비시설, 식기구 등에 대해 전면적이고 철저한 소독을 진행하여 주시기 바랍니다. 또한 요구에 따라 방역 감독인원과 소독 전문인원을 배정하고, 모든 직원들은 48시간 내 핵산검사 음성증명을 소지한 후 근무 진행할 수 있으며, 진입인원에 대해 ‘먼링마(门铃码)’, 72시간 핵산 음성 증명 또는 24시간 샘플 채취 증명 검사 조치를 엄격하게 실행하고, 각 방역요구의 집행을 독촉하여 주시기 바랍니다. 방역요구를 위반하여 코로나 전파를 초래할 경우에는법과 규정에 따라 조사 처리할 것입니다.

  현재 우시의 코로나19 예방통제는 비록 현저한 성과를 취득하였으나 형세는 여전히 복잡합니다. 각 지는 <코로나19 예방통제 방안 (제9판)>에 따라 고위험 구역과 중위험 구역의 관리통제 조치를 실시하며, 요구사항을 추가해서는 아니됩니다. 고위험 구역은 ‘집 밖으로 외출금지, 방문 서비스 제공’을 엄격하게 실행하고, 중위험 구역은 ‘구 밖으로 외출금지, 러시아워를 피해 물품 수령’을 엄격하게 실행하여 주시기 바랍니다. 각 커뮤니티(촌)은 군중들의 일상생활 보장, 의료보장과 심리상담 등을 계속하여진행하고, 노약자와 임산부 등 인원의 특수 수요를 중점적으로 해결하여 주시기 바랍니다.

  전 시의 기업, 집산 유통 시장 및 시공현장 등 각종 시장 주체는 ‘고용자 관리 및책임’의 요구에 따라 코로나19 예방통제의 자체 책임을 엄격하게 실행하고 본 단위의 우시 방문(복귀) 인원의 정보를 확실하게 장악하여 자체 인원 및 출입문을잘 관리하여 주시기 바랍니다. 코로나19 예방통제 자체 책임을 제대로 이행하지 않거나, 방역 조치를 제대로 집행하지 않거나, 예방통제 요구를 엄격하게 실행하지 않음으로 인해 인원 관리에 문제가 발생하고 코로나19 전파를 초래할 경우, 책임자에 대해 책임을 엄숙하게 추궁하고 법에 따라 조사 처리할 것입니다.

  우시시 모든 기관, 기업 및 시민들은 자체 책임을 진일보 강화하고 각 급 당위원회와 정부는 소속지 책임을 엄격하게 실행하여 검사 독촉을 강화함으로써 관리통제 조치의 확실한 실행을 확보하여 주기 바랍니다. 업계 주관부문은 감독관리 책임을 엄격하게 이행하고 관리 지도를 강화하여 예방통제 사각지대가 없음을 확보하고, 기업과 사업단위는 자체 관리 책임을 엄격히 실행하여 도시안전을 위해 매개 ‘작은 출입문’을 수호하여 주기 바랍니다. 시민 여러분은 개인 책임을 엄격히 이행하고 예방의식을 강화하고 방역규정을 준수하며 코로나19 예방통제를 지지하고 협조하여 주시기 바랍니다. 군중 시민이 적극적 참여 협조하고 다부문 연동예방통제하는 튼튼한 방어선을 구축합시다!

  현재 파악된 역학조사 정보에 근거하여 관련 인원 상황을 아래와 같이 공개합니다.

  무증상 감염자401

  집중격리 시설에서 발견, 현재 우시시 지정 의료기관으로 이송하여 격리 의학 관찰중.

  무증상 감염자402

  집중격리 시설에서 발견, 현재 우시시 지정 의료기관으로 이송하여 격리 의학 관찰중.

  무증상 감염자403

  집중격리 시설에서 발견, 현재 우시시 지정 의료기관으로 이송하여 격리 의학 관찰중.

  무증상 감염자404

  집중격리 시설에서 발견, 현재 우시시 지정 의료기관으로 이송하여 격리 의학 관찰중.

  상기 확진자와 무증상 감염자의 밀접 접촉자, 이차 밀접 접촉자에 대해서는 전부 관리통제 조치를 취하였으며, 우시에서의 이동경로를 기존에 발표한 위치와 비교, 중복 제거한 결과 새로 추가한 장소는 없습니다.


  연합예방통제 지휘부

  2022년 7월 14일


  첨부: 각 시(현)구 코로나19 예방통제 지휘부 연락처


  첨부: 우시시 24시간 핵산검사 의료기관 정보


  첨부: 우시시 열증 진찰실 개설 의료기관 명단





  结合目前我市疫情防控形势,经专家分析研判,根据《新型冠状病毒肺炎防控方案(第九版)》相关规定,决定对全市部分区域疫情风险等级进行科学动态调整,将梁溪区惠山街道造船二村、无锡医博中医肛泰医院,山北街道盛岸市场周边片区(东至惠峰路、南至惠钱路、西至石门路、北至盛岸路区域:阅山花园小区,惠麓苑一期,惠麓苑二期 A 区、B 区、C 区、D 区,惠峰新村,二泉花园小区),新吴区梅村街道梅荆花苑三社区、锡协路128号、无锡市国家高新技术产业开发区新锦路2号,旺庄街道长江路19号,硕放街道丽新社区及周边地区(北至墙宅路,东至经一路(312国道)、南至长江东路、西至丽富社区东围墙-新农路-里夫泾浜-通锡高速)由高风险区调整为中风险区,将梁溪区扬名街道扬名花园、时代上城C8,惠山街道小木桥北、锡园,广益街道银仁御墅,锡山区云林街道国泰精密机件无锡有限公司,安镇街道鑫安苑三期,惠山区长安街道锦绣商业广场小区(时代公馆),滨湖区河埒街道幸福里(华润悦府),雪浪街道山水花苑由中风险区调整为低风险区。

















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