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无锡市疫情防控第150号公告(English, Japanese and Korean)

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  No.150 Notice on Epidemic Prevention and Control

  As of 00:00, July 18, the 6 districts of Wuxi reported no newly added positive cases in quarantine sites and no community spread for 4 consecutive days.

  According to the current epidemic dynamics in our city and the relevant provisions of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Plan (Ninth Edition), after analysis and consultation by experts, we made adjustment to the risk level of some areas.

  -From high-risk to medium-risk areas

  Xinwu District:

  No.51-1 to No.51-53, Sun’an Road, Shuofang Subdistrict;

  South Zone, Zone 1, Xin’an Huayuan, Yuqin Hupanting, Zone C, Community 5, Xin’an Huayuan, Guoxin Guanhuwan, East Zone, Zone 3, Xin’an Huayuan, No.88 Juqu Road, Xiexin Xingguang Business Plaza, Xin’an Subdistrict;

  Wuxi Lianyun Logistics SF Express Delivery (No.510 Donghuan Road),

  -From medium-risk to low-risk areas

  Liangxi District: 

  Huihua Xincun, Shanbei Subdistrict;

  Xinwu District:

  Wuxi Weifu High-tech Group Co., Ltd (No. 30, Xixing Road), Wuxi Weifu Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd;

  Xiangnan Jiayuan, No.1 Community of Nanxingyuan (Zone 2, 3, 5), Home Inn Apartment, Jinjie Apartment, Jixiang Huayuan, Lixin community and its surrounding areas (reaching Qiangzhai Road on the north, Jingyi Road (G312) on the east, Changjiang East Road on the south, and the east wall of Lifu Community- Xinnong Road- Lifujingbang- Nantong-Wuxi Highway on the west), Lifu Community area (reaching Xinnong Road on the north, east wall of Lifu Community on the east, Changjiang East Road on the south and Lifujingbang on the west), Shuofang Subdistrict;

  North Zone of Zone 2 of Chunchao Huayuan, Zone 1 of Chunchao Huayuan, Lianxin Jiayuan, Phase III of Chunlei Jiayuan, No.19 Changjiang Road, Zone C of Changxin Apartment, Wangzhuang Subdistrict;

  Wanke Dongjun, Phase I of Zhonghai Haiya Jinyuan, Phase II of Zhonghai Haiya Jinyuan, Jiangxi Subdistrict;

  Phase V of Meijing, Phase II of Taibo Huayuan, No. 128 of Xixie Road, No.2 Xinjin Road of Wuxi National High-tech Industry Development Zone, Community 3 of Meijing Huayuan, Ximei Huayuan (Jinbailing) residential complex of Xiangmei Community 2, Taibo Zone 5 of Taibo Community 1, Phase VI of Meijing Huayuan, Ava Mountain Village Style Food Street (Wuzhou International Store), Chengxiang Hunan Cuisine Restaurant (Meicun), Zijun Huayuan, Meicun Subdistrict;

  Yipinwang Fast Food Restaurant, Hongshan Subdistrict

  All communities (villages) should further standardize the management for relevant risk areas. For people in medium-risk areas, please stay in your neighborhood and avoid the rush hour when collecting mails or take-outs. For people in low-risk areas, please take self-protection measures and avoid gathering.

  Dine-in service is fully resumed in Liangxi District. Except for cards and chess rooms, mahjong parlors, public baths, foot spas, KTV, dancing clubs, room-break games, LARP games, all other types of venues and major scenic spots in Xinwu District cancel capacity and time restriction measures and fully resume opening for business. Premises shall ensure disinfection before resuming operation, and all staff mustresume work with a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours. All kinds of epidemic negative nucleic acid test results within 72 hours or sampling proof within 24 hours.

  Pharmacies and all medical institutions should play the role of “sentinels”, and further standardize the management of fever clinics. Medical institutions should carry out pre-examination and triage. The first doctor, department or hospital that the patient visit will take primary responsibility. When patients come to take nucleic test, the results should be provided. Retail pharmacies should keep a record of customers who buy febrifuge, cough medicine, antivirals and antibiotics, and report to competent authorities if they find any of their customers having relevant symptoms. Communities shall beef up efforts in checking and health monitoring of relevant personnel.

  All localities, government departments, employers and individuals shall shoulder their respective responsibilities. All localities and departments shall publicize the information of Covid-19 in an all-round manner through multi channels. Everyone is the first person responsible for his or her own health. We call on all citizens to observe the basic code of conduct for epidemic prevention, raise awareness of personal health and self-protection, cooperate with epidemic response measures and build a strong defense line against the epidemic!

  Wuxi Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention

  and Control Headquarters

  July 18, 2022












  우시시 코로나19 예방통제 

  제150호 통고

  7월 18일 0시까지 시내 6개 구는 연속 3일 사회적 측면과 격리시설 양성 감염자가 신규 추가하지 않았습니다. 

  현재 우시시의 코로나19 예방통제 형세와 전문가의 분석 및 판단에 의거하여, <코로나19 예방통제 방안(제9판)>의 관련 규정에 근거하여 우시시 일부 구역의 코로나19 위험 등급을 아래와 같이 조정합니다. 즉 신우구 숴팡가도 순안로 51-1호부터 51-34호까지, 신안가도 신안화위안 1구 남구, 위친후판팅, 신안화위안 제5커뮤니티 C구, 궈신관후완, 신안화위안 3구 동구, 쥐취로 88호, 셰신싱광상업광장, 우시롄윈물류순펑택배소(동환로 510호)를 고위험 구역에서 중위험 구역으로 조정하고, 량시구 산베이가도 후이화신촌, 신우구 우시웨이푸첨단기술그룹주식유한회사(시싱로 30호), 우시웨이푸정밀기계제조유한회사, 숴팡가도 샹난쟈위안, 난싱위안 제1커뮤니티(2구, 3구, 5구), 루쟈 아파트, 진제 아파트, 지샹화위안, 리신 커뮤니티 및 주변 지역(북쪽으로 챵자이로까지, 동쪽으로 징이로까지(312국도), 남쪽으로 창장동로까지, 서쪽으로 리푸커뮤니티 동쪽 당벽-신눙로-리푸징방-퉁시 고속도로까지) 왕좡가도 춘차오화위안 2구 북구, 춘차오화위안 1구, 롄신쟈위안, 춘레이쟈위안 3기, 창장로 19호, 창신아파트 C구, 장시가도 완커둥쥔, 중하이하이야진위안 1기, 중하이하이야진위안 2기, 메이춘가도 메이징5기, 타이붜화위안 2기, 시세로 128호, 우시시국가고신기술산업개발구 신진로 2호, 메이징화위안 제3커뮤니티, 샹메이제2커뮤니티 시메이화위안(진바이링) 아파트단지, 타이붜 제3커뮤니티 타이붜5구, 타이붜 제1커뮤니티 타이붜 1기, 메이징화위안 6호, 아와산자이 미식거리(우저우궈지점), 청샹·후난요리(메이춘점), 즈쥔화위안, 훙산가도 이핀왕 패스트푸드점을 중위험 구역에서 저위험 구역으로 조정합니다. 각 커뮤니티(촌)은 위험구 관리를 진일보 규범화하여 중위험 구역은 ‘구 밖으로 외출금지, 러시아워를 피해 물품 수령’을 엄격하게 실행하고, 저위험 구역은 ‘개인 보호, 모임 회피’를 엄격하게 실행하여 주기 바랍니다.

  량시구의 각종 요식업체의 음식점 내 취식을 전면적으로 회복합니다. 신우구는 바둑실, 마작실, 공공 목욕실, 족욕 가게, 술집, PC방, KTV, 유흥 음식점, 방탈출, 스크립트킬 및 요식 음식점내 취식 외에 기타 각종 장소와 모든 관광지구는 용량과시간 제한 조치를 취소하며, 전면적으로 경영을 회복합니다. 영업을 회복하기 전에 영업장소, 설비시설 등의 소독을 철저히 하고 모든 직원들은 48시간 내 핵산검사 음성증명을 소지한 후 근무진행할 수 있습니다. 진입인원의 ‘먼링마(门铃码)’를 엄격하게 검사하고, 72시간 핵산 음성 증명 또는 24시간 샘플 채취 증명을 엄격하게 검사해 각 방역요구의 집행을 독촉하여 주기 바랍니다.

  각 급 각종 의료기관과 소매 약점은 코로나19 모니터링의 ‘초소’ 역할을 충분히 발휘하여 열증 진찰실 규범화 관리를 진일보 강화하고, 의료기관은 예진분류, 일차 진찰 책임과 핵산검사결과 즉시 제시 등 예방통제 조치를 엄격하게 실시하며, 약점은 ‘4개 부류’ 약품을 구입하는 인원에 대한 등기를 엄격하게 실행하고 제때에 정보를 관련 플랫폼에 업로드하고, 커뮤니티는 요구에 따라 인원 조사와 건강 모니터링을 진행하여 주기 바랍니다.

  우시시의 모든 기관, 기업 및 시민들은 자체 책임을 강화하고 각 지 각 부서 각 단위는 코로나19 예방지식 홍보교육을 전면적, 다경로로 진행하여 매개인이 본인 건강의 제1 책임자임을 강조하고, 대중들이 방역 기본행동준칙을 준수하고 자기보호 및 건강관리 의식과 능력을 제고하도록 제창하여 주기 바랍니다. 시민 여러분은 자기건강관리 의식을 유지하고 방역 규정을 준수하며 각 방역조치에 주동적으로 협조하여 함께 우시시의 코로나19 예방통제의 튼튼한 방어선을 구축합시다! 



  연합예방통제 지휘부

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